Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scope of Migrating to Oracle

My wife hates spiders and after heroically saving her last week from one she asked through her fingers how big it was. My best description was
"It was bigger than a small spider, but smaller then a big spider".

I dont know if that desciption fits here, but let me try and jam it into a incredibly weak analogy.

Migrating from Sybase to Oracle is not simple yet its not incredibly difficult.

Hmm , not great is it. Lets start again.

Here are the parts (I can think of) you need to think about when migrating

  • Database : Data + Stored Programs

  • Scripts : ETL and Backup/Restore

  • Applications : Custom Apps and 3rd Party Apps

  • Hardware : You may want new hardware / storage

  • DBAs and Developers : May need training

  • Users : May need training if the application changes. For Example you may write a Application Express App.

Performing a migration by hand is possible but there are tools available for free from Oracle which help along the way.

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